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5-minute video about Let All Play's opposition to English Premier League's Rainbow Laces LGBT promotion week

Dec. 2, 2019




Gender lobby is already underway in soccer.


Message to FIFA: Soccer is Sport, Not Politics! LGBT symbols are no exception


Football supporters and activists have had enough! Opposition to "rainbow laces" and spreading LGBT propaganda

Opposition to rainbow sport experiments: The LGBT symbol is not part of the pitch!

"YES to soccer, NO to LGBT rainbow".

No one should be forced to wear a symbol

with which they disagree

Athletes are demanding a ban on promoting LGBT symbols on T-shirts and stadiums

Players do not want to promote LGBT symbols. "No one should be obliged to wear a political symbol with which he disagrees"

Athletes have enough! They demand a ban on the promotion of LGBTRTVAGD symbols on T-shirts and stadiums


Another step from "acceptance" to "celebration": Josip Brekalo, forced to wear a symbol contrary to his religious beliefs

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