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Warsaw Fans' Anti-LGBT Banner Does Not Belong at Soccer Match

At a match on March 1 in Warsaw between Legia Warsaw and Miedź Legnica, teams in Poland's top level Exstraklasa professional soccer league, some spectators displayed a large, crudely worded banner proclaiming, [keep] "Warsaw free from faggots" next to the acronym "LGBT" with a red line through it.

Legia Warsaw team crest

This action appears to have been a protest against the new LGBT Charter for Warsaw signed in February by Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski. Controversy about the Warsaw LGBT Charter includes its plan to use World Health Organization guidelines for "comprehensive sexuality education" for children.

In response to criticism of this banner being displayed at a soccer match, a spokesperson for Legia Warsaw told Pink News that the team thinks the stadium should not be used, “to demonstrate any political or ideological ideas."

I agree. Respect each other at the stadium regardless of political disagreements. Keep politics out. Keep sports for sports.

If Warsaw fans disagree with politics in their city, they should engage in politics, not bring politics into soccer.


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